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augusti 4, 2009 0


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At my parents house at the moment so it will be a bit difficult for me to upload some pictures. I did bring one of the figure skating dresses home with me. The black one. It was almost finished but I didn’t like how the skirt part came out so I’m totally redoing it. Gonna […]

juli 27, 2009 20


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Out of town for a few days, visiting my parents, but I have lots of more new slippers I just need to edit in Photoshop before I can put them up. Planning on selling them here but I still need to find a good plug-in for that. I’m in the mood of making some more […]

april 19, 2009 2

Almost done

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It took much more time to sew the last than I hade expected. Not finished yet. Have the decorations left and it’s gonna need one more layer of flounce. One was to transparent I think. Promise I’m gonna put up better pictures soon. Observe my colourful toes at the bottom of the picture, lol.

april 19, 2009 0

Figure skating

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Since I got my overlock back I started working on the dresses today. Think I’m gonna be able to finish at least one today. Pictures of them will come up during the day. It was much more difficult than I had thought it would be making the dresses. Some of the fabrics are quite sheer […]

april 17, 2009 2

The dresses so far

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Started working on the other two dresses today. Got my overlock fixed and it’s like new again. The red dress I’m still working on the drapes. Think it’s gonna turn out really nice. It will probably get a black skirt to it. The black one is almost finished. The hem is not quite done but […]

april 16, 2009 0

The dress so far

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This is what the dress looks like so far. Still lots of pins, gonna start to sew everything together now. The transparent fabric over the right shoulder will be cut of.